Bungie confirms ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ DLC will be Vaulted in time

“Forsaken content will be vaulted at some point”

Bungie have confirmed that the DLC Destiny 2: Forsaken will be Vaulted when new content is released, despite the current storyline.

Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC includes a narrative that interweaves with that of The Crow, which has led to some surprise reports following the announcement that it will eventually be Vaulted.

Vaulting is a regular feature of Destiny 2’s DLC, in which Bungie removes content to make way for current updates. This can include entire worlds, storylines, and the DLCs themselves.


In an interview with Eurogamer, Bungie GM Justin Truman revealed the thought process behind Vaulting, amongst other insights into the company’s future. “When we think about the Destiny Content Vault, we are definitely thinking about the long term health of Destiny,” he said, “We think there’s a healthy, curated amount of Destiny that matches the amount of content you actually want to play in a week.”

He also mentioned size and time constraints on players, saying “it’s also better for our ability to iterate and to release content faster, and it’s better for players, because then your download sizes aren’t like 500 gigabytes or something like that.”

With regard to Destiny 2: Forsaken specifically, Truman revealed that “Forsaken content will be vaulted at some point.”

“I think in the same way we don’t want eight raids, it’s the same thing with storylines – we don’t want when a new player enters into Destiny, there’s five different competing storylines that they could start playing and in some of them, Uldren’s a good guy, and in some of them he’s a bad guy, and it’s not clear if you’re playing them out of order.”

During the interview, Truman also commented on how the Vaulted content is not wiped, but is rather stored in the Destiny 2 Vault, with the potential of future re-introduction and release.


“By having the Destiny Content Vault, when we take the stuff away, it’s not going away forever – it’s going into the Vault. This allows us – when we think about a new experience, when we think about the emotions that we want to deliver in a new season or a new year – we can leverage a mix of brand new things that you’ve never seen before, as well as cool, nostalgic experiences that you’re excited to come home to.”