Bungie confirms ‘Destiny 2’ video takedowns were ‘fraudulent’

The studio is also working on making some original soundtrack material free to use for content creators

Bungie has revealed that the recent wave of Destiny 2 video takedowns were “fraudulent”.

Last week, a number of Destiny 2 videos were removed from YouTube following copyright claims. However, even Bungie’s own content was effected and the studio released a statement that said “these actions are not being taken at the request of Bungie or our partners.”

In the latest This Week With Bungie blog, the studio has explained what triggered the takedowns, and what they’re doing to fix it


“Over the past week, we have noticed an escalation in strikes against content creators in the Destiny 2 community, both big and small, and while some of the takedowns in the past have been legitimate violations of our established standards, many recent strikes were issued for content that does not violate those terms,” Bungie wrote.

“The most recent wave of takedowns was peculiar and upon further investigation we have confirmed that they included some takedown actions from fraudulent accounts created to impersonate our IP protection service,” it added.

They went on to say that “Google has confirmed that the accounts that have submitted fraudulent legal requests to YouTube have been terminated and will no longer have access to Google products, before confirming all mistaken takedowns will be reversed.

“Beyond rescinding the strikes and reinstating the videos, Google are also working on process improvements to reduce the likelihood of any similar mistakes in the future.”

Bungie is also allowing “certain Destiny music tracks to be uploaded to channels for archival purposes” after it noticed that a majority of correct takedowns were for uploads of original soundtrack music content.


The studio explained that the content cannot be monetised and the creator needs to obtain permission from Bungie before using it.

“At the end of the day, our content creator community is invaluable to us – and no, not just the “big” creators. We understand that many creators have their content as a source of primary income, and we do not wish to cause harm to those that express their passion through art,” Bungie wrote.

“However, as with any company, there are boundaries in place to protect both the community and the property that the Destiny 2 teams have poured their souls into through the years. We will share the updated resource with you all when those changes are finalised.”

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