‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ reveals what’s coming in ‘Season 1: Heist’ update

'Heist' will bring back a map from 'Black Ops 4' and put infamous 'Modern Warfare' villain Makarov back in the spotlight

Activision has shared what fans can expect from an upcoming Season 1: Heist update for Call Of Duty: Mobile, including a new battlepass and the appearance of franchise villain Makarov as “the head of a major crime syndicate”.

Season 1: Heist is set to release on Thursday (January 20), and Activision has outlined what new content is set to arrive over the course of the update.

First of all, Heist will introduce a new story that “sees Makarov as the head of a major crime syndicate”. Modern Warfare players will recognise Makarov as the main villain for the first three games.


Call Of Duty: Mobile will also get two new maps with the Heist update. This includes Hacienda, which first appeared in Black Ops 4, as well as Nuketown Temple – a “new setting celebrating the Lunar New Year”. The map will include “new architecture, props, and the same chaotic pace that the map is known and loved for”.

The Lunar New Year will also be celebrated with an event called the Lunar New Year Puzzle, which lets players earn rewards while “slowly revealing the puzzle over time”. There will also be a Winter Wish event, which lets players “choose their favourite rewards from a pool of items” then earn tokens to unlock them.

Elsewhere, the Heist update also adds Lunar New Year cosmetics to the maps Isolated and Blackout, as well as a themed multiplayer mode called Red Envelope.

Red Envelope is a 10v10 Kill Confirmed mode, re-skinned for the Lunar New Year. Instead of picking up dogtags, players must retrieve red envelopes and will have the chance to launch fireworks with a new Easter egg. Collecting enough red envelopes will let players “earn additional rewards like credits and cosmetics”.

Finally, Activision has outlined some “new seasonal challenges, lucky draws, bundles, and more” coming to the store when Heist launches on Thursday.


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