‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’ camo glitch lets players equip Atomic camo instantly

The camo glitch lets players skip the hefty requirements for the Atomic camo and more

Call Of Duty: Vanguard players have discovered a camo glitch that allows players to equip any camo for their gun, even if they haven’t earned or unlocked it.

As spotted by Charlie Intel, the Atomic camo – which usually requires earning the Gold camo for every weapon in the game – can be equipped without players meeting any of these requirements due to a camo glitch.

Due to this camo glitch, players are running around online matches with a variety of high-end gun customisations. Without going into specifics, the exploit can be carried out by inputting commands from a mouse and controller at the same time, and allows players to equip any camo in the game.


As Vanguard only launched last week (November 5) it’s unlikely that many of the players currently sporting Atomic camo have earned the skin legitimately, as doing so would take many hours of grinding out exp for every single gun.

Several high-profile members of the community have been showing off their illegitimate weapon camos, with Call Of Duty dataminer Nanikos taking to Twitter to show off his atomic camo.

In another tweet, Nanikos also stressed the easy-to-replicate nature of this glitch, providing instructions on how to do the camo glitch in a video lasting only 20 seconds.

Earlier in the week, Nanikos suggested that Call Of Duty: Vanguard may be receiving an Attack On Titan crossover, after datamining strings of text that feature words like “aot_titan” and “swordtitan”.

Yesterday (November 10) it was revealed that Call Of Duty: Vanguard has re-introduced weapon bloom to the series, meaning that guns don’t always shoot exactly where you aim them.


In other news, Turtle Rock Studios has clarified that Back 4 Blood wasn’t supposed to be spawning so many difficult special enemies for players to fight. After discovering an issue “where specials would frequently duplicate their spawn cards”, the studio has confirmed that it will further investigate the issue.

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