‘Call Of Duty: Vanguard’’s official reveal event has been announced

More pesky "leaks"?

Fans awaiting Call Of Duty: Vanguard can end the speculation, as the game appears to have been confirmed for an official reveal event.

According to a screenshot taken from GamesRadar, the PlayStation Store appears to have revealed a Call Of Duty: Vanguard event at 6:30PM BST on August 19. Before this, fans were treated to teasers and in-game hints that the game would be coming.

Sledgehammer Games has been teasing the release for a while now, with Call Of Duty: Warzone cutscenes in which the winning player is killed off just before extraction. The cutscene was purely cosmetic – not affecting experience gains – but strongly hinted at the reveal of Vanguard.


It seems the reveal event is going to take place inside Call Of Duty: Warzone, with Vanguard being teased so much in-game. Sources suggest that the new game will feature a campaign, multiplayer and Zombies mode, and will be set in the European and Pacific theatres of World War 2.

Current speculation is that Vanguard will receive a Q4 2021 release, despite the various legal and HR issues that have unfolded at Activision Blizzard in recent weeks.

After a series of leaks, data mines, and rumours, the official Call Of Duty Twitter poked fun at what’s going on with its own ‘leak’ with Sledgehammer Games also sharing a meme suggesting there’s nothing they can do to stop the incoming wave of leaks.

In other FPS news, EA has warned that breaking the Battlefield 2042 beta NDA could lead to players being banned from the full game.