‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ gets Zombies mode in Season Two

Things are about to change...

The update for Call Of Duty: Warzone Season Two has revealed that zombies will be coming to the game.

The update revealed a number of challenges, referred to as ‘calling cards’ in the series, according to screenshots posted by Eurogamer.

These challenges are separated into general, multiplayer, campaign, weapon mastery and zombies. The zombies calling cards include 133 trials including using specific weapons to take out undead enemies, and aiming for headshots.


In one of the calling cards, there is a specific reference that indicates this is its own mode, as it asks the player to “eliminate 8 zombies before the first circle closes”. Earlier in the year, the Call Of Duty: Cold War Zombies machine appeared in Warzone, along with some unspecified screen glitching that players suggested may be hinting at this update.

Exploring the new update, it was reported by VideoGamesChronicle that Warzone will be transferred from the Modern Warfare era to another setting. This appears to be achieved by detonating nuclear warheads, which may explain the inclusion of zombies in the Season Two narrative.

A mystery weather system was also spotted, causing lightning strikes on the Verdansk map. Rumours circulated that there would be more than just new weapons and characters added, but Treyarch remained quiet on the subject.

Many of the recent changes have also revolved around anti-cheating measures, with over 300,000 players banned since the launch just under a year ago.

Season Three is due to arrive April 22, and the first anniversary of Warzone falls in March. Alongside this, Activision Blizzard has announced a further “strong premium” Call Of Duty game will be released during the latter half of 2021.

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