‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ reveals first look at Pacific Caldera map

Fight through a volcano, submarine base, and mines

Activision has unveiled the new Call of Duty: Warzone map – a Pacific-based island known as “Caldera”.

During a World Premiere event for the upcoming Call of Duty: Vanguard on Wednesday, the new Warzone map was handed out, emblazoned onto jackets.

Now, Activision CCO Pelle Sjoenell has revealed the map via Twitter.


The map, enhanced by the folks at VGC, appears to show that the “Caldera” island will stage “Operation Alpha” – taking place on May 16, 1941.

Call of Duty: Warzone
Call of Duty: Warzone. Credit: Activision.

The island also includes several new and exciting features:

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera map Points of Interest

  • Airport
  • Ancient Structures
  • Beach Defences
  • City Capital
  • Fishing Village
  • Naval Shipyard
  • Ore Processing Docks
  • Phosphor Mines
  • Submarine Base
  • Taro Farms
  • Volcano

The new Caldera map, officially announced just a few days ago, will be available to all Call of Duty: Warzone players from December 2. The map will launch alongside Season 1 of the new “Pacific Era” Warzone.


Although not much else is known about the map, it’s thought to be a full-sized map – similar in scope to the original Verdansk map rather than the smaller-scale Rebirth island.

According to Activision, all Call of Duty: Vanguard players will get 24 hours early access to the new Warzone season. Alongside the new map, Warzone will also launch a new anti-cheat system, known as Ricochet. Despite reports that hackers have already begun reverse-engineering the system, Activision has stated that those leaks were “controlled” as the team was testing the system before it goes live.

Meanwhile, developers have revealed that every Call of Duty: Vanguard character will have unique abilities.

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