Capcom promises fix for ‘Street Fighter V’’s audio bugs affecting blind players

The update will be fixed next week

Capcom has released a statement confirming that the issues rendering Street Fighter V unplayable for blind players will be fixed next week, alongside other bugs.

The recent update removed stereo sound from the game’s options, meaning blind Street Fighter players were unable to participate effectively. The switch to mono meant that the multi-directional sounds were suddenly all coming from one direction, and visually-impaired players were unable to tell which position certain characters had taken during a fight.

The bug was announced by BlindWarriorSven on Twitter, who gave a statement to NME about Street Fighter V and its accessibility options. “Street Fighter V has been an amazing and accessible game so far. I would say 90 per cent of the game is covered by good audio cues, which makes it possible for me to play on a high level.


“After installing the patch, I was shocked to realise that the audio of the game was changed into mono sound instead of stereo. This means that I am no longer able to tell the different positions of the characters during a fight, which makes it hard or even impossible to play this game on the high level I am used to.”

In the tweet sent from the official Street Fighter account, Capcom detailed their list of proposed bug fixes for next week, including the re-introduction of stereo sound. This fix should also address other issues with the update, such as it force-closing the game when a screenshot is taken.

The Street Fighter account stated: “We are aware of various bugs introduced with Season 5, including online battle de-syncing after using Necalli’s V-Trigger I, game sound effects output to mono, and more.”

Meanwhile, two iconic Street Fighter characters – Ryu and Chun-Li – are being added to the growing roster of crossover characters in Epic Games’ Fortnite.


The two fighters’ induction into the popular battle royale game was revealed via a trailer last week (February 19). In the clip, the two fighters prepare to face off against one another in a retro Street Fighter II arcade cabinet, before they’re unceremoniously sucked into the Zero Point.