Capcom reportedly enforce office working during pandemic

"It was decided there is no choice but to come to work”

Capcom have reportedly mandated an in-office working rule for employees during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Kotaku translation of a whistleblower’s report in Business Journal, Capcom allegedly “forced employees” to go to work in the physical offices of the company due to a security breach.

The company came under a cyber-attack in November of 2020, losing around 1TB of data belonging to both consumers and employees.


In response to this, alleges the report, Capcom decided they could not provide a secure environment for employees to work at home, and instead sent an email to staff that read: “We are abandoning the remote network for the time being, and it was decided there is no choice but to come to work.”

Although no laws were broken (Japan had declared a State of Emergency and asked people to work from home but there was no legislation in place), the report suggests that “larger corporate culture issues” can be seen in Capcom’s handling of the situation.

Capcom has since issued a statement, which can be read in full below.

“Capcom is committed to strictly observing all laws and regulations while furthering a working environment that prioritizes employee health, safety and peace of mind.

“Capcom strives to provide a workplace environment with the utmost consideration given to the health and safety of employees.


“We have implemented both staggered work hours and telecommuting to the greatest extent possible, while carrying out best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including social distancing at the office, checking employees’ temperatures upon entry to the office and providing masks to all employees.”