‘Capes’ is a turn-based superhero RPG from ex ‘Hand of Fate’ devs

"Ten years ago, the supervillains won"

Spitfire Interactive has announced Capes, a new “high-octane superhero drama,” with turn-based RPG elements. It is currently slated to release in 2023.

Capes is currently available to Wishlist on Steam, and is described as a turn-based strategy game. What’s most interesting about the project is that it is being developed by Spitfire Interactive. This is a new studio made up of devs that previously worked on the Hand Of Fate series. For those unfamiliar, Hand of Fate and its sequel are cult classic deck-building RPGs.

Players are tasked with recruiting a new superhero resistance in Capes, hoping to push back on supervillains that control the world. Supervillains took over the world ten years before the start of the game, and subsequently made developing super powers illegal.


Capes. Credit: Spitfire Interactive

Looking at screenshots of Capes, it looks set to be similar to XCOM, but with superheroes battling it out with unique sets of abilities and skills. So far, we only know that the game will be single player, and it is unclear whether deck-building will factor in.

You can check out a trailer for Capes below, which shows off some of the turn-based action. A range of superheroes are shown off, including speedsters, a character that can teleport, and a super-strength wielding brute.

Capes will launch sometime in 2023 on Steam.

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