CD Projekt Red co-founder announces Retrovibe, a new indie publisher

The publisher will focus on retro-themed games built with new tech

CD Projekt Red co-founder Michał Kiciński has announced the opening of Retrovibe, a new retro-focused independent publisher.

Kiciński founded the publisher alongside Michał Affelski, and Krzysztof Papliński, who are best known as founders of indie publisher gamingcompany. Kiciński funded the project, and Affelski and Papliński will handle operations.

Retrovibe has announced five exclusively signed titles, all of which will release throughout 2021 and 2022.


The publisher’s first five games are Project Warlock II, Janosik 2, and B.I.O.T.A., The Looter, and Shardpunk: Verminfall. These can be viewed in the trailer below.

In the press release that accompanied the announcement, co-founder Kiciński discussed his motivations behind backing Retrovibe: “I’ve known the gamingcompany guys for years and I like their approach to the job. I like retro games, the kind I played when I was a teenager”

“These are relatively small projects filled with love and passion – and that struck a chord with me,” added Kiciński.

Retrovibe will work in partnership with, releasing all upcoming games through the retro-focused storefront. The publisher also plans to make announcements and release trailers through

“We think of Retrovibe as an exo-skeleton that amplifies everything devs are doing. By providing financial support, marketing, and other guidance we can let teams making games focus on what they want to do, make games” said co-founder Paplinski.


Two previously launched titles have also joined Retrovibe. Project Warlock and Janoski are both available on Steam and GOG. Janosik is currently free on both platforms.

In other news, Nintendo has successfully won a $2.1million lawsuit against Matthew Storman, the owner of illegal romsite ROMUniverse.

Storman owned and operated the site which allowed users to download ROMs until last year when he closed it at the request of Nintendo.