CD Projekt RED to tone down the amount of dildos in ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

“We wanted Night City to be pretty open sexually”

CD Projekt RED are looking to adjust the spawn rates of dildos in Cyberpunk 2077, following a report which suggested there are too many.

The game has been in the public eye heavily since its release, with an array of glitches and poor performance issues on last-gen systems. However, the developer is now on the radar following a Kotaku report which claimed there’s a “distracting” amount of dildos within the game.

As with most RPGs, looting is a crucial element to the gameplay, giving players items needed to survive their journey. Throughout its playthrough, Kotaku managed to secure 29 images of scattered dildos around Night City, each in random locations which local NPCs seemed oblivious towards.


Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077. Credit: CD Projekt Red

Their use in the game is minimal, operating as items to be sold or turned into crafting parts. They also come in two varieties: the studded dildo, or the more elaborate Pilomance 3000. With a heavy emphasis on the phallic items throughout Cyberpunk 2077, Kotaku was prompted to contact the developer directly.

“We wanted Night City to be pretty open sexually,” senior quest designer Philipp Weber reportedly said to Kotaku, “where something by today’s standards might be taboo or kinky is very normal and commonplace by 2077 standards.

“The second reason for the high amount of dildos in the world is because they can spawn as random loot, and we were still tweaking those settings, so especially during the early reviews, the amount of dildos in the game world was pretty high. We’re going to adjust them so that the dildos don’t appear too out of place/context and distracting and more where they should be by design.”

Going forward, Night City will be dialling back the number of sex toys residing within its streets, making them rarer to obtain. Other unusual activities within the game have also involved pineapple on pizza being illegal in the futuristic world, under the Pizza Desecration Act.


Some users’ experiences with Cyberpunk 2077 have extended further than there being an increased amount of dildos within the game. Due to the number of bugs and technical issues many have been requesting refunds per the developer’s recent promise, however, multiple users are now reporting their requests have been denied.

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