‘Celeste’ dev reveals teaser for new game ‘Earthblade’

It's being described as a "vibe reveal"

Celeste developer Extremely OK Games has unveiled their latest project, Earthblade.

Described as a “2D explor-action game in a seamless pixel art world,” Earthblade was revealed with a mood-setting teaser trailer, complete with logo and artwork by Pedro Medeiros, and music by Celeste and Guild Wars composer Lena Raine.


In an update post on their official website, Extremely Ok Games’ Maddy Thorson explained that they consider this teaser a “vibe reveal” as they do not want to reveal too much about the game.

“An air of mystery lends itself particularly well to this project, so we’ve opted to save it all up for a big reveal that will hopefully blow your socks off,” she wrote.

Whilst the development process for the studio’s previous game Celeste involved the studio sharing “whatever interesting-looking thing we were working on day-to-day”, Earthblade has been the result of a long process of refinement.

“It took us 4 prototypes to find Earthblade, and it’s now been over 3 years since Celeste’s initial release,” Thorson continued.

There are no firm plans for a release date currently, with Thorson adding: “The truth is that we don’t know how long it will take, just that it will take as long as it takes (and that it will take a long time).”


Earlier this year, Extremely Ok Games created a short sequel to Celeste in the Pico-8 engine, called Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek. Created in three days, the sequel can be played in browser, or downloaded from Itch.io.

The original team was involved in the production, involving Maddy Thorson and Lena Raine alongside Noel Berry.

Thorson confirmed last year that Celeste protagonist Madeline is transgender, something that was discovered by the creator during the development process.

In a Medium post, she wrote: “During the Farewell DLC’s development, I began to form a hunch. Post-development, I now know that we both are.”