Cheat Code for ‘TimeSplitters 2’ Easter Egg in ‘Homefront ‘has been found

The code was thought to be lost forever

The code to access the fully playable version of TimeSplitters 2 hidden Homefront: The Revolution‘s has been found.

Earlier this week in a response to a tweet asking about Easter Eggs hidden in games, Deep Silver developer Matt Philips revealed that TimeSplitters 2 was fully playable in Homefront: The Revoluton through an unlock code that had since gone missing.

Whilst data miners had already confirmed the existence of the full 4K port, there was no way to access the full game, and only two levels in the port were currently playable.


Access was thought to be “lost to time” as Phillips no longer owned the notebook that held the code. Thankfully, a principal software engineer at Xbox (Spencer Perreault) tweeted out the code.

Additional codes including access to the TimeSplitters 2 Arcade mode, challenge mode, and two extra codes that were hypothesised to be for in-game cheats.

To access TimeSpillters 2, players will need to play through Homefront: The Revolution until they reach the Arcade Cabinet, which is around six hours into the campaign.

Currently this is the only way to play a modern day version of TimeSplitters 2, as license holder Koch Media hasn’t shown any interest in remastering the game for modern consoles.


In other news relating to remasters of classic games, a Nintendo Switch port of Destroy All Humans! Remake has been announced by THQ Nordic. The PC and console version of the remake released in July last year, and received a three-and-a-half star review from NME’s Jordan Oloman, calling it a “neat package of novelty nostalgia, for better and for worse.”