Check out new concept art from the upcoming ‘Mass Effect’ game

The images come by way of a newly released art book

Gamers have been given their first glimpse of BioWare’s next Mass Effect game through new concept art.

The concept art, which was shared by Tumblr user Felassan, comes by way of a newly released art book that chronicles the past 25 years of the popular video game franchise, Bioware: Stories And Secrets From 25 Years Of Game Development.

Images include a landscape covered in dense fog, with what appear to be massive trees scattered throughout the land. A grounded ship can be seen with a human carrying a gun, as three humanoid figures approach.


Another features the massive Remnant structures from Mass Effect: Andromeda, hinting that the upcoming game may take players back to the Andromeda galaxy. The last concept art further hints at this, picturing mass relays being constructed, which would allow players to travel to far parts of the galaxy.

Check out the images below.


Blurbs from the book note that the images are “a look at the next Mass Effect”, as shared by Felassan. “On the heels of a long-awaited remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare now prepares its epic return to space.”

“A veteran team is hard at work envisioning the next big Mass Effect game,” the blurb adds. “Expect amazing new worlds to explore with memorable characters buoyed by the series’ signature choices and consequences.”


The book also included a quote from the upcoming game’s project director Mike Gamble: “There’s an incredible universe of history to draw from, and many more stories for us to tell. We’re focusing on creating something truly for the fans.”

BioWare announced earlier this month that it is working on a new Mass Effect title, although details are currently scarce as development on the game is currently in “early stages”. The studio will also release Mass Effect: Legendary Edition next year.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be a remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy, and is targeted for release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with enhancements for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

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