‘Chicory’ dev teases next project on Twitter with an incredibly cute GIF

We know it's going to be adorable at least

Chicory: A Colorful Tale creator, Greg Lobanov, has shared a cute GIF on Twitter to tease his next project.

The short tweet from Lobanov explains that he has “been waiting a long time” to share details. Keeping things close to his chest, the developer merely shares an incredibly cute GIF of a cute creature that looks like a cross between a bird, sheep, and we’re not sure what else.


In the tweet, Lobanov says he hopes to share more details in 2022. He also linked to a job listing for a creature concept artist. The link explains that the team is looking for “someone to design creatures/monsters based on prompts”.

The artist is expected to “make rough sketches of ideas” before making “adjustments to the creature design based on feedback”. From there, the artist will produce finished digital illustrations that can be used as a reference for the team.

The ad explains that work will begin in February 2022 or later with people staggered in and out of the project. Chicory: A Colorful Tale was hugely popular when it launched in 2021. It made it to number 20 in NME’s best games of the year round up. That’s thanks to it taking inspiration from some of Nintendo‘s best loved games including Legend of Zelda and Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Earlier in the year, Lobanov compiled a selection of hidden secrets within the game on Twitter. The thread contained a combination of “design fun facts” and “small details that most players won’t notice”.

In other news, Steam has set a new record for concurrent users. Yesterday (Sunday January 2), it hit a peak of 27.94million players online.

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