‘Chivalry 2’ comes to Steam and adds horses on June 12

Alongside the Tenosian Invasion update

Chivalry 2 is officially releasing on Steam, arriving June 12 alongside a brand new update that adds horses, new maps and a new faction.

As revealed by PC Gamer, Chivalry 2 will finally be making its way to Steam, alongside a brand new update. It’s called Tenosian Invasion, and adds the new Tenosian faction, two huge team objective maps, two team deathmatch maps & more.

One highlight is that horses are being added to the game. Horses will be a part of the new maps, which have been designed with horseback combat in mind. Horses are expected to be added to existing maps over time. You can get a look at all of this in action in the trailer below.


The new faction is called the Tenosians, which are based on the Ottoman Empire. Another new addition that arrives with the Steam release of Chivalry 2 is the Console Server Browser. It allows console players to join friends’ games directly on other platforms.

Those who play Chivalry 2 on Steam will receive a set of exclusive bonuses. They include:

  • Tenosia Beard Helm
  • Agatha Lion Helm
  • Mason Eagle Helm
  • Horned Helmet

These rewards will eventually be released on other platforms. No timings have been given just yet.

Chivalry 2 launched on Epic Games Store and consoles on April 23 2021. It blends melee combat with hilarious slapstick physics. In our 3-star review of Chivalry 2, we called it “a dishonourably good time that revels in chaos.”


In other gaming news, Dying Light 2 developer Techland says it is hiring for a new fantasy title, which is set to be an “open-world action-RPG”.

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