‘Chivalry 2’ launches ‘House Aberfell’ update with projectile pigs

The 2.4 patch also includes new maps alongside more conventional weapons

Chivalry 2 has released the House Aberfell update which includes a new map and new weapons – watch the trailer below.

Available today (February 16) for PC (via the Epic Games Store) and PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, House Aberfell introduces the new team objective map, The Raid on Aberfell alongside the ability to throw both pigs and peasants as weapons.

The new Chivalry 2 update also includes new playable character Mason Druid, new Vanguard weapon Highland Sword and 10 new customisable facepaint options alongside two new armour sets.


There’s also two new male voice over characters – Agatha Highlander and Mason Berserker –  as well as 12 new weapon skins for Greatsword, Messer, and War Club.

The complete patch notes for this 2.4 patch can be seen here, while a trailer for House Aberfell can be seen below.


In a three-star review of Chivalry 2, NME said “it’s less about gritty historical realism and more about tongue-in-cheek bloodbaths.

“There’s certainly a real charm to how silly it can get despite the violence, a slapstick futility to rushing objectives, a sense of camaraderie when a wave of teammates spawn together and all scream as they charge right into the arc of a rock thrown from a catapult.


“There’s almost an element of performance to it, a sort of grim, violent roleplay in the life of one of many nameless grunts sent to die, more often than not perforated by an arrow from a cowardly archer.”

In other news, director of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has formed new studio Rebel Wolves to create a story-driven RPG built in Unreal Engine 5.

Tomaszkiewicz said the studio is targeting a 2025 release date for this first game and the company said in a press release that it will be hiring to fill roles “in the coming months.”