‘Civilization VI’ players hate religious victories

Fans have voted on their least favourite wins

Turn-based strategy game Civilization VI may feature six different ways to win, but players aren’t so fussed on religious victories.

A recent poll on the r/civ subreddit asks Civilization VI players which victory type is their least favourite… and the results are in.

“Religion by far,” says Reddit user Playerjjjj. “It’s just. so. damn. tedious. Unless you choose missionary zeal as one of your beliefs your inevitable swarm of apostles will be an absolute nightmare to corral. There’s very little variety since missionaries become obsolete rather quickly in most games and gurus just aren’t worth the faith they cost to produce.”


Although most players have one or two favourites, the religious victory is by far the least popular among players.

Currently standing at 1,100 votes, Religious Victories has taken over 25 per cent of the poll, making it the least popular victory. Meanwhile, Diplomatic takes second place while Score nabs a solid third. Domination is up next in fourth place, with Culture at fifth and Science taking last place.

“My last religious victory came in a multiplayer game,” said Rock_man_bears_fan. “I was going for cultural but my friend was beating me. I reorganized my entire empire towards faith generation. It was a large continents map. I won, but I hated myself for every minute of it.”

It looks as though the biggest gripe with religious victories is just how tedious it can be. But players also mention how they’ve often accidentally won the game with a different victory than the one they were going for.

Thankfully, victory conditions can be turned off when setting up a Civilization VI game, so players don’t have to encounter religious victories if they really don’t want to.


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