‘Civilization VI’ releases free update with new units and balance changes

A wide range of Civilisations are receiving free updates

Firaxis have revealed Civilization VI‘s final free game update of the season.

The free update will launch this Thursday (April 22) and will add three new units, two new ‘True Start’ maps, and a wealth of tweaks to various civilisations. A video outlining the changes is available below:


True Start Mediterranean and Huge Earth maps have been added, which will place player civilisations in the correct geographical location when selected. New units for all civilisations have also been added in the form of Line Infantry, Man-At-Arms, and the long awaited Trebuchet.

Firaxis also promises that the AI has been tweaked to improve their naval combat prowess, in order to push players to make more choices around their naval production and naval warfare choices.

Alongside these changes, military unit strength has been adjusted across the board in an effort to make the new units feel like an upgrade to existing units, and also fit in to the overall balance.

The largest part of the update focuses on rebalancing and tweaking older civilisations in line with their existing benefits. Spain can now form fleets and armadas, and will receive increased gold, faith and production from trade routes, befitting their mercantile nature.

Mapuche will gain improvements to units produced in cities with a governor, and all cities within nine tiles of a Mapuche governor city will gain additional loyalty towards Mapuche per turn. Khmer will award bonus faith based on population size, additional food for farms next to aqueducts, and additional faith for holy sites next to aqueducts.

Canada will also improve yields for all production built on snow and tundra tiles, whilst china will receive a random inspiration from the relevant era on the completion of a Wonder.


Recently, Firaxis released the latest DLC for Civilization VI‘s Frontier Pass which added Portugal, as well as a new Zombie Defence mode which tasks players with battling zombie hordes whilst managing their civilisation




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