Classic PlayStation Plus games to get NTSC options in Europe, Asia and more

Players will be able to enable NTSC with a faster refresh rate

Sony has announced that it plans to introduce NTSC options for some of its retro classic games on the newly revamped PlayStation Plus service. 

This should make a number of classic PS1, PS2 PS3 and PSP games run slightly better, as Europe and Asia used PAL at a 50Hz refresh rate, whilst the Americas used NTSC at a 60Hz refresh rate. This essentially meant that back then PAL games would run slightly slower, but also have a slightly higher resolution.

Sony made the statement regarding NTSC options earlier today (June 23), as today marks the launch of the revamped PlayStation Plus tier system in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, India and more.


“We’re planning to roll out NTSC options for a majority of classic games offered on the PlayStation Plus Premium and Deluxe plan,” wrote Sony via the PlayStation Europe Twitter account.

As of publication it’s unclear when NTSC options will launch for PlayStation Plus in the above regions, or exactly which options players will be able to choose from when it does. “Majority” also suggests that a number of classic games won’t get the NTSC treatment, or at least not straight away.

With Europe, Asia and other regions finally getting the new version of PlayStation Plus, that marks the end of how the service used to work, as the rollout for the new tiered system is complete. Many have been finding that the classic games are lacking however, as the PS3 requires every game to be streamed, and some of the retro-centric options like screen filters actively make some games worse.

You can check out what’s available in each of the tiers right here.

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