‘Cloudpunk’ gets a “sequel-sized” DLC called City of Ghosts

"It might be a DLC, but City of Ghosts has a sequel's worth of content"

Developer ION LANDS has announced a brand new “sequel-sized” DLC for Cloudpunk called City of Ghosts which will continue the main storyline.

City of Ghosts will return to the futuristic metropolis of Nivalis and introduce a host of new features, including street racing, vehicle customization, as well as a second playable character called Hayse.

The DLC (downloadable content) follows the events of the original Cloudpunk story with main character Rania caught up in a new problem. City of Ghosts will have an intertwining storyline between both Rania and Hayse, which will exceed the length of the original game.


Some more features inlcude a brand new, fully-voiced campaign, different unlockable ending depending on the choices the player makes in-game, a customizable HOVA vehicle, as well as new areas and character to meet within the cityscape.

Marko Dieckmann, studio head of ION LANDS, said, “Going back to Nivalis has been a thrill. It might be a DLC, but City of Ghosts has a sequel’s worth of content. It’s a darker, tenser, more complex story, and we can’t wait for people to experience it.”

Cloudpunk – City of Ghosts has yet to receive an official release date, however players can currently wishlist the DLC on Steam and learn more about the upcoming title.

Cloudpunk originally released in 2020 and was nominated in the categories for Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Art and Visual Achievement at the SXSW Gaming Awards.

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