‘Clownfield 2042’ is an upcoming game that playfully pokes fun at ‘Battlefield’

“And bugs, per usual, plenty of bugs. We'll let you enjoy them as is; and instead of fixing them, we'll just release some new skins.”

Battlefield 2042 may have some competition, as a Steam page has gone up for Clownfield 2042, which releases at the end of the year.

Releasing on December 31, Clownfield 2042 occurs after a “2022 crypto crash” that sees nations crash and the union of “No-Clowns” formed. Players will have six weapons and be dropped into Battlefield-looking maps.

Players will also be able to “experience the intensity of all-out clownfare on maps filled with mediocre weather and world events, such as [a] tornado”. The “unoptimised experience” can be enjoyed forever according to the Steam page, as it asks: “Why play the game like it’s meant to be played when you can hop into a hovercraft and slay all your enemies?” Adding that players can “disrupt the game physics [and] break the rules of gameplay.”


The game features three maps, six weapons, three game modes, a tornado physics system across all maps, and a basic AI system. The Steam page also boasts that the game will have “bugs, per usual, plenty of bugs. We’ll let you enjoy them as is; and instead of fixing them, we’ll just release some new skins.”

The announcement of Clownfield 2042 comes after the rough release of Battlefield 2042. Recently players were angry with a Santa skin, and plenty of updates have been addressing the multitude of problems with the game.

In fact, Battlefield 2042 quickly became one of Steam’s worst rating games, as it sat in the top ten soon after its release. One Reddit user listed common complaints with the title, which included: No single-player story/campaign mode, no standard server browser, fewer standardised game modes, no standard hardcore mode, no persistent lobbies, and fewer in-game assignments.

In other news, the upcoming title Slitterhead from the creator of Silent Hill will have “many new mechanics”.

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