Co-op shooter ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ is coming to PlayStation consoles

Get ready to shoot some aliens

Deep Rock Galactic is finally making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 early next year.

Much loved by PC and Xbox One players and having sold over 3million copies, Deep Rock Galactic will launch for PS4 and PS5 in January 2022. The game has players choose from one of four classes of dwarve miners before working together to survive an onslaught of aliens and enemies.

Class choices include the Driller, the Engineer, the Scout, and the Gunner, each with their own set of skills and gear. The caves players have to survive are procedurally generated so every experience is different from the last.


Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic. Credit: Ghost Ship Games

In recent times, Deep Rock Galactic has enjoyed dozens of updates. New mission types, weapons, and more have been added this year. Modding support for Steam users has also been added this year.

Most recently, the Deep Rock Galactic Season 01 launched adding a new challenging boss-fight mission, and new primary weapons. It also added the game’s take on a 100% free Battle Pass system.

It also won Indie Game of the Year at the 2021 SXSW Gaming Awards earlier this year.

Little has been said about what the new versions of Deep Rock Galactic will include. It’s hoped that the PS5 release will offer improved performance and visuals. There’s also no word on if there will be cross play support which would allow PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation gamers to team up against the alien hordes.


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