‘Company Of Heroes 3’ modder makes German faction and units playable

Are we the baddies?

A modder for Company Of Heroes 3 has made it possible for fans of the game to play as Germany, something that is not yet possible in the official pre-alpha version.

For the official pre-alpha version of Company Of Heroes 3, Relic Entertainment has only made British and American forces playable.

Earlier in the month however, a forum user on the Company Of Heroes 3 site posted an edited save file that allows participants in the pre-alpha to play as the previously locked German faction in battle (thanks, PCGamesN).


This includes the ability to use a variety of German infantry and tanks, with playable units including the Panzer IV tank and elite squadrons of Stoßtruppen (Shock troops). Further into the post, the modder – who goes by Miko – adds that by further editing another file, you can get abilities like an off-map artillery barrage.

As detailed in the forum post, Miko explains that to unlock the faction you’ll need to download the altered save file they provide and follow these instructions:

“Download the file from above and go to “\Documents\my games\Company of Heroes 3 – COHDev\Savegames\Campaign\italy_little_italy\autosave” and replace the campaign.rlt file there. You will need to start the campaign at least once before the folders and files are created.”

Before doing so, Miko recommends partaking in some standard modding practice and backing up your own campaign save in case anything doesn’t work properly.

Company Of Heroes 3 is currently in pre-alpha in order to “gather as much community feedback as we can to create the best Company Of Heroes game ever.”


The biggest addition to the franchise is the format of a Total War style campaign map, which is likely possible due to parent company Sega publishing both titles.

The final game is expected to launch in 2022 and, so far, only availability on PC platforms has been confirmed. The pre-alpha is available to download until August 3 – here’s how to get your hands on it now.

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