Conspiracy-fueled ‘Abandoned’ receives delay to launch of trailer app

Three more days of mystery

Blue Box Game Studios has confirmed that the ‘trailers app’ for the upcoming game Abandoned has been delayed for three days.

The studio has announced on Twitter that the app, designed as a hub for Abandoned content, has been delayed for three days “due to localization issues” and will instead be launching later this week (June 25).


The app is planned to serve as a hub for all upcoming Abandoned trailers and gameplay reveals, however according to Blue Box Game Studios it will not immediately include any trailers or in-game footage on launch.

Instead, the studio has confirmed that the “game reveal is very soon but not Friday.”

They also confirmed that while the game will launch as a PS5 exclusive, it will “eventually” be making its way to PC.

Abandoned is currently generating significant interest among gamers due to a growing conspiracy that Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear Solid, is using Blue Box Game Studios and Abandoned as a secret front to develop the next Silent Hill game.

Blue Box Game Studios has repeatedly denied suggestions that they are involved with either Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima.


Alleged evidence includes the studio, in a now-deleted tweet, teasing their next game as “First letter S, last letter L” and the ongoing belief that Blue Box Game Studios developer Hasan Kahraman is actually Hideo Kojima in disguise.

The disputed identity of Hasan Kahraman comes from a variety of reported information, including the fact that the name Hideo – when translated from Japanese to Turkish – becomes Kahraman.

While Blue Box Game Studios has distanced itself from the rumours, it doesn’t help that Hideo Kojima has a track record of doing things like this. He previously teased the last Metal Gear Solid game by creating a fake studio and assuming the persona of fictional developer “Joakim Mogren” to build hype.

In other news, Double Fine has shared that Psychonauts 2 development “has had no crunch.”

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