‘Control’ is the latest game coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

The addition was revealed on Twitter

Control will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC on January 21, a valuable addition to an already considerable lineup.

Game Pass for PC left beta in September of last year, offering over 100 games to players every month via a subscription-based service. Microsoft have recently promised to add an additional wealth of games via EA Play, meaning EA classics like The Sims and Mass Effect will also be included in the bundle. This is a feature expected to launch early this year.

Control is the latest game to come to Game Pass for PC, joining a host of other upcoming titles. Some of the other titles announced for 2021 include Final Fantasy X, Skate Bird, and Way To The Woods.


Control is also one of the best showcases for ray tracing, according to PC Gamer, so provides a subscription-based test run for any cards capable of running the software.

The next-gen versions of the game were also finally given a release date recently, after delays kept the team from making announcements. They were originally supposed to release at the end of 2020, but have now been confirmed for February 2, 2021, with a physical edition releasing later on March 2, 2021.

505 Games, the company behind Control, have been on the receiving end of some controversy due to these next-gen editions. Unlike some other companies, they decided not to offer free upgrades for fans of the original edition.

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