‘CS:GO’ modding duo create a flag-based kart game mode

It’s like ‘Rocket League’ with actual rockets

A group of modders have created a go-kart game mode in Valve’s massively popular team shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

Released today (August 29), the mod is available for download straight from Steam itself here.

Dubbed a “vehicular capture the flag gameplay mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” players can fire rockets at opponents, jump, and do a slam attack form the air to both capture and secure flags (via Dot Esports).


Check out a short clip of CS:GO Kart from the self-proclaimed “two random dudes” below.

A red and blue team will need to navigate the map, as seen in the above video, to get to the other teams base and steal their flag, in typical capture the flag game mode fashion.

The mod was developed by Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta, with Milanta telling Dot Esports: “Instead of playing as soldiers/humans you instead take the form of a rocket-firing go-kart. From here each team battles it out to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base.

“Every time they do this, they score a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Throughout the map, there are speed boosters, ammo (rockets), teleporters, and health kits/boosters.”

CS:GO Kart mod. Credit: Valve / Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta


Millanta added that the mod is similar to “Rocket League but in CS:GO and with actual rockets.”

Elsewhere in the realm of Valve products, the company has outlined in a new book dedicated to Asain markets that it is planning future versions of Steam Deck hardware and software.

“Steam Deck represents the first in a new category of Steam handheld gaming PCs,” reads the booklet. “In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market. Like the original, and like all PCs, these future products will continue to provide access to the same Steam game catalog that gamers already know and love.”

In other news, Riot Games has provided an update on the incoming Fracture map changes, with players expecting more details on it “soon.”

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