‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update 1.52 has a long list of fixes

Version 1.52 fixes problems with gameplay, UI, save issues on PS5, and more

The latest patch for Cyberpunk 2077 – version 1.52 – has gone live today, and is primarily focused on bug fixes.

Update 1.52 does not add any new content to the game, but a large number of tweaks and fixes have been made. Gameplay-wise, an issue has been fixed that could cause wrecked cars, or multiple Nomad cars, to spawn in traffic if the player was driving fast. Another issue where the first equip animation could be repeatedly played after recovering a throwing knife has also been fixed, as well as an issue where recon grenades would highlight non-hostile crowd NPCs.

There were some PS5-specific changes for Cyberpunk 2077 too. Now, if a player imports a save while not connected to the PlayStation Network, it will no longer block the option to continue the game. And wet roads will now be as reflective as they are on the PC version of the game.


The Cyberpunk 2077 update also brought in a number of fixes to a range of quests in the game. Players will now be unable to purchase an apartment makeover they already own for a second time. An issue where open-world combat events and some scenes could remain disabled after visiting Afterlife until the player fast travelled within Watson has also been fixed. A number of specific quests have also had a variety of issues fixed, such as how walking into a wall in the elevator in Megabuilding H8 will no longer cause instant death as part of the Automatic Love quest.

A number of open-world issues were also addressed in the Cyberpunk 2077 update. An issue where summoned vehicles might spawn far away from the player has been fixed, and Suicidal Corpos in Corpo Plaza will no longer stand up after they fall.

Some UI updates were added too, such as a quest tag being added to fix rewards when they’re first found in the stash. Finally, opening menus while reading a shard will no longer block the game.

In other news, Nintendo has announced that Dragalia Lost is shutting down.