Danny Trejo revealed as in-game ‘OlliOlli World’ character

Players will be able to find Trejo when the game officially launches on February 8.

Roll7 and Private Division have revealed that actor Danny Trejo will be making an appearance in the upcoming platforming skateboard game, OlliOlli World.

In the game, players will be able to meet Trejo’s character, who will be hosting one of OlliOlli World‘s side-quests, in Radlandia. Discovering him and completing Trejo’s sidequest will unlock a special cosmetic item to show off on their character.

The character looks just like the celebrity actor, sporting the same moustache, cowboy hat, tattoos, as well as clothes similar to what Trejo sometimes wears.



Danny Trejo shared the news on Twitter today (February 1), saying, “I’m one of these quirky characters in this new skateboarding action platformer coming for PC and your favorite console. I’ll see you at the terrific side-quest I’m hosting!”

OlliOlli World is set to launch on February 8 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

In NME’s preview of OlliOlli World, Aaron Potter said: “It genuinely is astounding just how well Roll7 has managed to maintain the essence of what made the original OlliOlli games so compelling, while still finding certain areas in which to creatively expand on the formula… The fresh art style only adds to the idea of you wanting skateboarding stardom rather than take away. Our only worry currently, is the number of hours we’re bound to lose trying to achieve it.”

OlliOlli World isn’t the only video game Trejo has appeared in recently. The actor appeared in Far Cry 6 in a piece of free-to-play DLC which featured Trejo as an in-game character with his likeness. The Dani & Danny vs Everybody mission contained two missions starring Trejo where the players were required to aid him in his quest.


In the meantime, Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s president and CEO Jim Ryan has stated that Bungie won’t be the only studio buyout.