‘Dark Souls’ mod adds ‘Halo’ content and multiplayer maps

Truly the Dark Souls of game modding

A modder has decided to turn the original Dark Souls on its head by adding a publicly available mod that makes the game very Halo

A video showcasing the mod was uploaded by its creator InfernoPlus on November 5, which can be found embedded below. It shows off an over the shoulder shooter camera, Halo weapons, and even the infamous Blood Gulch map working in the FromSoftware title.


Player invasions have also been taken to a whole new level, as teams look to be facing off against one another in iconic Halo maps. The mod is 100 per cent free on InfernoPlus’ Patreon, with multiple downloads available for different versions of Dark Souls.

According to InfernoPlus, every single gun programmed into the game “has its own individual set of custom animations. This is because Halo’s guns are all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so there’s no one size fits all solution to make this work.”

On top of that, over 100 custom animations have been added in the Dark Souls mod, with guns acting as their own weapon class with different weapons and mechanics available. It took InfernoPlus around three months to make the mod, with help from a selection of other modders.

Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls. Credit: FromSoftware

The mods original release had three multiplayer maps, which has now been increased to 13. A version of the Half-Life multiplayer map Crossfire was also added to the mod, for which InfernoPlus designed and added a mantling system to Dark Souls so players can get over the railings.

There’s plenty more to learn about the Dark Souls mod in InfernoPlus’ video, like bizarre glitches-turned-mechanics, new spells, weapon types, and more.


In other news, Valve has said that Steam Deck developers just need to contact BattlEye for the anti-cheat software to be used in their games.

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