‘Dark Souls’ PC servers will be back up “as soon as possible” says Bandai Namco

A Remote Code Execution forced the servers to close earlier this year

Publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that the long-dormant PC servers for the Dark Souls trilogy will in fact come back online, with the issue being “actively worked on”. 

As noted by PCGamesN, a Reddit post from yesterday (May 9) shows one eager player contacting Bandai Namco directly to ask about the state of the Dark Souls trilogy on PC, following news in January that all player vs player servers were shut down on PC due to a hacking exploit.

The response from Bandai Namco reads: “I’m happy to confirm that the developers are actively working on resolving the issue in question and re-launching the Dark Souls servers for PC as soon as possible.”


“For the moment, we do not have an estimate of when this is expected to happen,” added the response.

bandai namco confirmed the servers will be back from darksouls3

This confirmation that Bandai Namco, and presumably developer FromSoftware, are in fact doing something about the PC server outages follows concerns from players last month that the games would never back come online. This was because each of the game’s Steam pages removed mentions of “Online Co-op” and “Online PVP”. As of the publication of this article, these mentions still appear to be removed.

A Remote Code Execution (RCE) is behind the server pulls, as an RCE was letting players invade other players and remotely control their PCs through the game. The vulnerability that allowed the RCE exploit is present in all three Dark Souls games, although it was fixed in time for Elden Ring’s release.

Developer of anti-cheat fan-mod Blue Sentinel LukeYui said at the time that Elden Ring “is heavily flawed and can be trivially bypassed in multiple ways,” however.


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