‘Days Gone’ PC port is Steam top seller, beating ‘RE Village’ and ‘Mass Effect’

The game has already been rated as 'Very Positive'

The PC port of Days Gone has already hit Steam’s top seller rankings, coming out at number one above Resident Evil Village and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Occupying the number one slot just one week after release, Days Gone has already received a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam.

The team behind Days Gone have been open about their struggles to support the creation of a sequel, with creative director and writer John Gavin saying that players can’t “complain if a game doesn’t get a sequel if it wasn’t supported at launch.”


“If you love a game,” he continued, “buy it at fucking full price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever’.”

News preceding these comments referred to the fact that Bend Studio had pitched a Days Gone sequel, but was turned away due to the lengthy production of the first game. As per a Bloomberg report, it seems the mixed reception of Days Gone also had some bearing on the decision.

Initially a PlayStation release, Days Gone was announced as part of a selection of console games coming to PC this year. Bend Studio has also been reported as working on a new unannounced title that will start a new franchise.

When asked what changes have led to Sony’s newfound commitment to releasing games on PC, CEO Jim Ryan said: “We find ourselves now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games that they make in better shape than they’ve ever been before. Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle, our studios made some wonderful, great games”.