‘Dead By Daylight: All-Kill’ is out now, introducing K-pop Killer Ji-woon Hak

“Good thing the Entity loves a show”

Dead By Daylight’s latest DLC All-Kill is out now, introducing K-pop Killer Ji-woon Hak.

The character was revealed last month, alongside new Survivor Yun-jin Lee. The pair share a backstory, which developers Behaviour Interactive say “explores the vibrant and exciting world of K-pop music and culture, with a dark twist”.

Ji-woon’s alias as The Trickster developed as a result of his jealousy – a trait which led to the deaths of his bandmates in an accidental fire. Although Ji-woon was able to prevent the disaster, he chose not to, and began a solo career under his new name. Albums produced by The Trickster went through Yun-jin Lee, his producer, and were created by sampling the screams of those he had kidnapped.


Eventually, Ji-woon’s secret got out and his next target became the label execs and Yun-jin himself. Players will either be tasked with Yun-jin’s survival or Ji-woon’s victory.

“All-Kill explores the vibrant and exciting world of K-pop music and culture,with a dark twist,” said developers Behaviour Interactive in a press release, “A world-renowned singer leading a disturbing double life, and his ambitious producer who suspects there may be more to her client than meets the eye, are pulled into the Fog. Good thing the Entity loves a show.”

“Inspired by the high energy and vivid aesthetics of this global phenomenon, the team brought to life an adrenaline-pumping chapter that oozes with style and blood.”

The Dead By Daylight team recently announced a colourblind mode for the game following controversy sparked by Ethan Larson, Behaviour Interactive’s lead programmer.

“It’s getting really boring just blabbing about colourblind mode all the time, we’ve heard it a million times, we know, continuing to badger us about it isn’t going to change anything,” Larson said in response to a viewer question about when a colourblind mode will arrive.


Behaviour Interactive has since announced that the much-requested mode is in development and will release “soon” although a firm date was not announced.