‘Dead By Daylight’ is getting a board game this Halloween

"The Killers vs Survivors asymmetrical gameplay, the unexpected surprises, the game loops, everything is there"

A Dead By Daylight board game is being released by Level 99 Games this Halloween.

The tabletop version of the asymmetrical multiplayer game will see two to four players become Survivors, with one other player becoming the Killer. The board game version will operate similarly to the video game, as Survivors will need to turn on generators and escape, whilst the Killer will try sacrifice each player one-by-one.

Items, perks, interactive props and the Trial Grounds will all show up in the game, as the project is a a collaboration between Behaviour Interactive and board game designer Level 99 Games.


Dead By Daylight Board game
Dead By Daylight board game. Credit: Behaviour Interactive / Level 99 Games

There will also be a Kickstarter campaign that opens on March 29, with two versions of the game available for pre-order. The standard edition is $49.99 (around £38) and includes six Killers, seven Survivors and two maps. The collector’s edition is $99.99 (around £75) and has 16 Killers, 17 Survivors and four maps. Survivors and Killers include characters from the complete roster up to March 2021’s All-Kill DLC.

“As fans of the original video game, we worked hard to capture the tension between the Survivors and the Killer on every turn,” says D. Brad Talton Jr, the designer behind the game. “The moment when you commit to your move and then have to hold your breath while the Killer makes their play—to me that’s the essence of Dead By Daylight.”

Dead By Daylight
Dead By Daylight. Credit: Behaviour Interactive.

Game director of Dead By Daylight Mathieu Côté adds that “the Killers vs Survivors asymmetrical gameplay, the unexpected surprises, the game loops, everything is there.”

Kickstarter backed copies of the board game are expected to ship by Halloween 2022, as the game will also be in stores by that time.


A recent trademark filing seems to indicate that a Dead By Daylight dating simulator called Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim is on the way, although nothing else is known about the game right now.

In other news, Nintendo Switch Online now has the My Nintendo missions and rewards system, giving players a new way to gain Platinum Points.

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