‘Dead By Daylight’ reveals tech-savvy new killer The Skull Merchant

The grisly executive can use drones made from human skulls

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled The Skull Merchant, a technologically-advanced killer who’s coming to Dead By Daylight in March.

Set to arrive on March 7, The Skull Merchant – real name Adriana Imai – is the first “original modern female slasher” in Dead By Daylight, and is the first killer to utilise modern technology. Using ‘Eyes in the Sky’, The Skull Merchant is able to use four drones to keep an eye on survivors.

These grisly drones are made with the skulls of survivors, and Behaviour Interactive says rival players will need to “strategise on ways to avoid and disable” the drones. See them in action below:


As for The Skull Merchant’s back story, the studio shares the following description: “A wealthy high-powered tech executive, she splits her life between aggressively buying and absorbing smaller companies as her public persona, and quenching her bloodlust in the guise of her alter ego. For The Skull Merchant, the thrill is truly in the hunt. With designs on becoming an apex hunter in a world of prey, she dedicates her ample resources towards the search for worthy adversaries to pit herself against.”

Along with The Skull Merchant, Chapter 27 of Dead By Daylight will also introduce two new survivors, siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra. Hailing from Brazil, both will offer “unique teamwork perks” that encourage survivors to band together.

The MacMillan Estate’s Shelter Woods map will also be tweaked to feature The Skull Merchant’s presence, with a new area called the Hunting Camp. This area will reflect “both sides of Adriana Imai’s twisted world,” with a fancy executive suite sitting on top of a workshop “bathed in oil and blood.”

In other gaming news, ahead of Cocaine Bear releasing in cinemas next week, an official companion game for the film has been launched.

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