‘Dead By Daylight’ to add first queer character with ‘Devotion’ update

“Representation of diversity in entertainment matters"

Dead By Daylight is getting a new lore update and with it, the game’s first LGBTQIA2+ character.

Launching tomorrow (April 28) Devotion is the 11th Tome of Dead By Daylight’s archives and is promising a completely new twist to the narrative direction with The Observer abandoning his tower.

Devotion will also uncover memories of The Twins as well as revealing Survivor David King’s struggle to come to terms with his homosexuality.


Check out the trailer below:

King quickly became a fan-favourite though little is known about his life pre-Fog. According to a press release, “Throughout Devotion, fans will discover that part of his personal struggles revolve around accepting his own identity and sexuality. David’s memories will take players to a pub, where a conversation about romantic relationships leads him to speak more about his personal life, including a past boyfriend.”

For Devotion, Behaviour Interactive has worked with GaymerX – a consulting organisation dedicated to providing best practices for integration of LGBTQIA2+ themes into established games without falling into harmful representation.

“Representation of diversity in entertainment matters, so it was important for us to take time and to surround ourselves with experts in order to do things properly”, explains Dave Richard, creative director of Dead By Daylight. “We’re very humbled that Dead by Daylight has developed into a space where players from various communities around the world feel free to be themselves.” ​


“Working with a game team so dedicated to bringing a queer narrative to life in their game has been a gratifying and inspiring experience,” added Katie Kaitchuck, executive director of GaymerX.

“Dead by Daylight is a reflection of its community. Our players have expressed the need for better representation, and today our message is that we hear you, and we are excited to bring these stories to life”, added Tara Brannigan, Dead By Daylight’s director of player experiences. “Video games are for everybody, and everyone should get to see themselves as the hero of their favourite game, regardless of their culture, community, gender or orientation.” ​

In other news, the 2022 edition of The Gayming Awards were held on Monday night (April 25), with Life Is Strange: True Colors walking away with three trophies.

Elsewhere, Unpacking was awarded the title Best LGBTQ Indie Game and Minecraft streamer Aimsey was announced as the LGBTQ Streamer Of The Year.

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