‘Dead Cells’ adds new biome in free ‘Break The Bank’ update

Can you beat The Bank?

Motion Twin has released a new update for Dead Cells that adds a new biome and more enemies, weapons, and mutations.

As detailed in a Steam post, The Bank is a new biome in Dead Cells that can appear in any run once the Hand Of The King boss has been defeated. When transitioning between biomes, players may find a sizeable glowing chest – this is the only opportunity they will have on that run to enter The Bank, and doing so will replace the next biome that the player would typically encounter.

Once in The Bank, players will be able to take out a loan for gold. However, this must be paid back before the end of the area. Enemies from the replaced biomes will still appear throughout The Bank, though this doesn’t mean there aren’t new foes for Dead Cells players to tackle.


The new enemies are specific to The Bank, and include the Agitated Pickpocket, who “wants your gold and has the claws to get it”, and the Gold Gorger, which “collects gold as it grows, but don’t let it reach its final form, it’ll kick your ass!” Finally, the Golden Kamikaze Bat will join the fight, behaving similar to existing bats but dropping more money when it dies.

To go along with the new theme and bad guys, three new weapons will be added. The Gold Digger will provide players with gold on each hit, and will enable critical hits if the user is “filthy rich”. The Dagger of Cupidity will provide three seconds of critical hit damage after picking up gold, while finally the Money Shooter will let players use their gold as ammunition.

As for Dead Cells‘ three new mutations, they’re called Midas’ Blood, Gold Plating, and Get Rich Quick. Midas’ Blood provides gold upon health loss, while Gold Plating lets players lose gold instead of health when they’re hit. Get Rich Quick rewards bonus gold for killing enemies while the player has an active speed boost.

Besides the new gameplay features, several quality of life changes are also included in the Dead Cells patch notes.


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