‘Deathloop’ will remain a PS5 exclusive, Bethesda confirms

"The acquisition hasn't affected day-to-day development of Deathloop"

Arkane Studios‘ upcoming Deathloop will remain a PS5 exclusive despite Microsoft‘s acquisition of Bethesda.

Microsoft announced last year that it had acquired ZeniMax Media for $7.5billion, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks and other studios. The deal now means that Xbox will own intellectual properties such as The Elder Scrolls series, Fallout, DOOM, Wolfenstein and Dishonored. Although upcoming PS5 titles such as Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo are now owned by Xbox, Xbox confirmed they will honour timed-exclusivity deals.

A statement from a Bethesda spokesperson featured in the latest Game Informer magazine issue confirms these plans as it was reiterated that the first-person shooter will remain a PS5 exclusive.


“The acquisition hasn’t affected day-to-day development of Deathloop, which we’re developing exclusively for PlayStation 5 on console and also PC.”

Deathloop is set to launch on PS5 and PC May 21, 2021 after being initially delayed from its original release date.

On March 9, Microsoft confirmed that “some new titles in the future” from Bethesda will be “exclusive to Xbox and PC”. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer welcomed Bethesda officially to the Xbox family, he said, “This is the next step in building an industry-leading first-party studios team, a commitment we have to our Xbox community.”

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