‘Destiny 2’ anniversary update makes changes to abilities and supers

Changes target PVP, while intending to leave PVE untouched

Bungie is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and a significant Destiny 2 patch will rework many aspects of a Guardian’s loadout.

As part of the 30th anniversary, Bungie is pushing an update to Destiny 2 to release on December 7. A lengthy This Week At Bungie blog post details the upcoming changes.

“We heard overwhelming feedback that the Crucible has been largely dominated by ability usage. Players felt that abilities were firing off too frequently, with too much potency, and too little investment,” the post says.


Destiny 2
Destiny 2. Credit: Bungie

Up until now, all grenades in Destiny 2 have had the same cooldown, regardless of power level. The updated grenades will have unique timers, meaning players can throw weak grenades more frequently than powerful ones.

“One of our design goals this year was to reduce the amount of ability spam in the Crucible and put the focus back on gunplay. To this end, we’ve made ability cooldown times longer on average than they were before.”

Supers, the most potent abilities in Destiny 2, will also receive a rework. “In general, we want the most efficient way to gain Super energy to be actively engaging in combat. That doesn’t mean you need to win every fight, but we want you to try.”

This change is intended to target PVP activities such as Crucible. The goal is to avoid the “super o’clock” moment where everyone gets their supers simultaneously. For PvE content, super abilities should feel relatively unchanged.

The post also covers the specific changes to each class. Every subclass is getting altered somehow, so expect this update to come with a vast set of patch notes.


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