‘Destiny 2’ is getting more “than any other year before” in 2022

"We've got more Destiny coming this year than any other year before"

A new video from Bungie has revealed that 2022 will be one of Destiny 2‘s busiest years yet, and has also touched on the game’s upcoming Witch Queen expansion.

As part of the ‘Light in the Darkness’ ViDoc (via PCGamesN), Destiny 2 assistant game director Robbie Stevens teased that “We’ve got more Destiny coming this year than any other year before. It’s one of the most ambitious releases we’ve ever put together and the team is firing on all cylinders.”

Witch Queen is very much the culmination of the last six to seven years of just Destiny all together, and really this is starting the road to the final showdown,” Stevens added.


On the upcoming Witch Queen expansion, production lead Katherine Walker said it’s “probably the most ambitious campaign we’ve made in a very long time.”

“This is a really big season for weapons in particular,” added staff designer Chris Proctor,  who said there would be eight new Exotics for fans to find. According to the video, there will be around 50 new weapons and several sets of armour added in total.

On what Witch Queen adds to Destiny in general, game director Joe Blackburn said that “from the throne world to the campaign to the customisable build crafting, it all comes together to make Destiny feel really new and fresh.”

Earlier in the month, a trailer for Witch Queen revealed some of the upcoming Exotics in action, as well as a look at the new weapon crafting feature.


In other news, Xbox head Phil Spencer has said that he wants Starfield to be the “most-played” Bethesda game ever. Spencer says that this is due to his “love” of Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite‘s successful launches last year.

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