‘Destiny 2’ is getting some new weapon changes in Season 15

Bungie gives and takes away

A blog post from Bungie has revealed a great deal of changes coming to Destiny 2 in the mysterious Season 15.

Very little is known about Destiny 2‘s new season, other than that it begins August 24 and will include a big sandbox update and significant weapon tweaks.

Weapons feature lead Chris Proctor explained the changes to weapons in detail in the post, even providing a glossary of terms for eager fans trying to make sense of the update. Season 15’s ritual weapon will be a rocket launcher, equipped with a new perk ‘Explosive Light’, but plenty of other guns have been teased.


According to Gfinity Esports, the new Destiny 2 weapons could be a new scout rifle, pulse rifle, and sidearm, although these have not yet been confirmed. Each of these weapons will unlock after activities are completed.

A series of new world drops are also on their way, and many Trials Of The Nine weapons are being repurposed for the new season, meaning a total of 18 new weapons will be coming to Destiny 2 next week.

Proctor made a comment on the changes to ammunition for existing weapons, saying “Running out of Primary ammo has never been tactically interesting”. Destiny 2′s primary weapons, as such, will benefit from unlimited ammo with perks adjusted to boost other features.

Many of the other weapons are being either nerfed or boosted, with changes to Fusion Rifles, Machine Guns, and exotics. All of these can be explored on the latest Bungie blog post.

In other news, the Doom Eternal 6.66 Update has been announced for an autumn release, bringing Horde Mode to the game.