‘Destiny 2’ King’s Fall World First raid race won by Clan Elysium

Fans online have dubbed the clan "Threesium" after their three in a row World First race victories

Destiny 2 last night (August 26) hosted another World First race for the reprised Destiny 1 raid, King’s Fall.

In a world-wide race to claim the title of the first fireteam to defeat the reprised but improved King’s Fall raid, Guardians globally took on the challenges of the Dreadnaught and faced the ultimate wrath of Oryx, The Taken King.

Only one clan could reign victorious though, and it was none other than Clan Elysium. Fans of the first-person shooter may be familiar with that name, as the clan has also won the previous two World First races for Vow of the Disciple and Vault of Glass – another Destiny 1 raid that was brought to Destiny 2 back in May 2021.


The race was a close one, with Datto’s clan Redeem also being in the running to claim the title, but Twitch streamer Saltagreppo and friends pipped them to the post at the last minute to take down Oryx and secure the title for the third time in a row.

Cruz, Kyros, VileFate, Moople, Quazz and Saltagreppo managed to beat the raid in just over five hours.

Upon completing the raid once, Challenge Mode was unlocked in which Guardians needed to complete a series of secret success conditions to claim the Regicide Triumph. In order to achieve this, if the conditions were not met then the entire team would wipe instantaneously, having to begin the encounter again from the beginning.

Upon its arrival to Destiny 2, the King’s Fall race had also had some alterations since its days in Destiny 1, with extra steps being added to the raid’s mechanics. This meant that those familiar with the raid from the original game still had some learning to do to make this a competitive occasion.

The next major challenge for players in terms of raids will come when the Lightfall DLC releases in February 2023, and a new raid is certain to enter the game.


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