‘Destiny 2’ now has a cosmic horse vendor

The horse is the star of the show

Destiny 2’s update alongside the Bungie 30th anniversary has added a new character called Starhorse, who runs the new dungeon.

Several significant tweaks, fixes, and updates have been included in the large Destiny 2 update. However, the new dungeon is the main piece of content for players to dive into, and it contains a new vendor: Starhorse.

Starhorse (first reported by Kotaku) is a paracausal being who appears to command Xur, the agent of the nine. The new dungeon allows players to spin Xur’s compass and fight enemies from whichever symbol it lands on. Throughout the dungeon, players are encouraged by the sounds of the Starhorse. At the end of the activity, players will meet Starhorse in a chamber filled with loot.


Xur will guide you through the activity as though it is a game show, using quotes from Whose Line Is It Anyway and The Price Is Right. At the end of a player’s first run, Xur will ask, “Was my performance of the ancient ritual of ‘hosting’ to your satisfaction?” adding, “It pleases the horse when I speak those sacred words…though I do not understand all that the horse asks of me.”

Starhorse themselves is a vendor and will provide bounties for players to complete. Once those are completed, players will be rewarded with items celebrating Bungie’s 30 years as a developer. One of the few bits of lore available about Starhorse says, “The sound of clopping hooves plays through your mind, and you feel as though you are being nuzzled on a molecular, almost mathematical level.”

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