‘Destiny 2’ orb of power bug abusers hit with “escalating restrictions”

A fix is expected in December

Bungie has cracked down on a bug that let Destiny 2 players create a game-breaking number of orbs of power.

The min/max bug allows players to create a massive number of orbs of power. Orbs of power are used in Destiny 2 to charge powerful super abilities. The number generated by the bug is so great that it causes a sudden freeze in frame rate when it happens. However, Bungie was already aware of the bug. Now that the exploit is public knowledge, Bungie has deployed a counter.

Destiny 2 players who use the exploit will be kicked from the game with Rutabaga error code. If players repeatedly get kicked, they can face “escalating restrictions” for overusing the exploit.


Destiny’s Help website has been updated with a post explaining that players who suffer from poor frame rates may experience an increase in Rutabaga errors. If they are not using the exploit, they can share their details in the post and remove the “escalating restrictions”.

Destiny 2’s community manager Dmg04 tweeted, saying that a group had already discovered the exploit sometime before the video of the bug went public.

Dmg04 said, “Super thankful for the time we got to investigate as this is an incredibly deep and difficult to fix bug, but it looks like the repro video has been published.” Going on, Dmg04 added “the team is actively deploying some changes that will force Rutabaga errors when players attempt to reproduce this.”

Fixes are expected to be implanted sometime in December. In the meantime, players may experience a higher number of Rutabaga errors than they usually would.


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