‘Destiny 2’ player achieves highest ever DPS with a brutal hammer throw

By the hammer of Thor!

A content creator for Destiny 2 has achieved the highest recorded DPS (damage per second) in the game, using it to wipe out powerful raid bosses in mere seconds.

Visible in a video by YouTuber Ehroar (Thanks, PC Gamer), a carefully selected combination of gear allows players to hit for almost 1.4million points of damage in just one hit. Describing it as “by far the highest DPS in the history of Destiny“, Ehroar shares that the combination focuses on using the Throwing Hammer to achieve massive numbers.

As the video explains, the combination first requires players to select the Sunbreaker class to access the Throwing Hammer. While multiple stacking buffs start to see the hammer cause significant damage, the gear worn by Ehroar unlocks the real damage.


Wielding Tractor Cannon and a shotgun with One-Two Punch allows Ehroar to hit a Shayotet Partisan for almost 28,000 damage. However, the biggest buff comes from adding in the Wormgod Caress gauntlets.

These gauntlets have a buff called Burning Fists, which means “Melee kills increase melee damage for a period of time. Additional kills extend the duration and increase effects”. This means that while players will need to ensure they stack the buff five times, Ehroar demonstrates that the hammer then hits for 160,884 on the same target.

When all of the listed buffs are combined, the video shows that the maximum achievable damage from the Throwing Hammer is 1.38million per hit. In theory, the maximum DPS from one cycle should apparently be just over 2.2million damage per cycle. As demonstrated in the video, the total possible DPS from bouncing the Throwing Hammer reaches a lofty 17.69million.

The video shows that this level of damage is completely possible with an altered keybind and proper positioning, as Ehroar annihilates raid bosses Riven and Atheon almost instantly.

Toward the end of the demonstration, Ehroar adds that he doesn’t think this level of damage “will ever be surpassed” in Destiny 2, believing that the Throwing Hammer combination damage is “by far the highest the game will ever see”.


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