‘Destiny 2’ players to get power boost ahead of ‘Witch Queen’ launch

Players will need to reach power level 1550 to be raid ready

Bungie has announced that all Destiny 2 players will be able to start The Witch Queen expansion immediately thanks to a power boost.

Destiny 2 progression is measured in a player’s power level, which determines what activities they can play. However, this means that some players would be too low to begin playing Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, which launches tomorrow (February 22).

To remedy this, Bungie has announced that the power floor, the lowest power level an item can be, will be raised to 1350. This will allow all players to begin The Witch Queen content as soon as it is available. This should be comforting news for anyone interested in the new expansion but has not played recently.


The news was shared in a tweet by a Bungie community manager going by dmg04, who said, “friends, help blast this far and wide during our final weekend before launch.”

“Even if you’ve taken a break from Destiny 2, we’ll be bumping up the power of your gear to get your straight in to the Witch Queen campaign on Tuesday.”

Bungie has also revealed the power level caps for the expansion. The soft cap is 1500, which can be achieved through general play, and players should be able to consistently reach this goal. After that, the hard cap is 1550, which can only be achieved through powerful rewards. Finally, the pinnacle cap is 1560, which can only be achieved through items earned in end game activities such as raids.

Those interested in jumping into the Destiny 2 raid when it unlocks on March 5 will want to achieve as high a power level as they possibly can, but 1550 is the minimum recommended level.


In other news, Supermassive Games has trademarked a new IP titled “The Quarry”.

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