‘Destiny 2’ transmog cap takes over six days to reach

Fans are unhappy at the amount of time it takes

Fans of Bungie‘s first-person shooter Destiny 2 are unhappy with the new transmog system.

Destiny 2’s newly released update, Season of the Splicer, has introduced an item appearance transformation option — known as “transmog” by MMO players — but fans are unhappy with how much time needs to be invested in the systems.

Reddit user Alonie-homie and Eurogamer‘s Matt Reynolds noticed that no in-game actions can speed up the rate at which players can earn Synthstrand, the basic material you need to collect to allow you create Synthcord, and Synthweave, the items needed for transmog.


Alonie-homie tested the drop rate in a Destiny 2 dungeon, saying: “I noticed it [synthstrand] was dropping every two minutes no matter how many kills I got.

“I then decided to do nothing/get no kills for 2 minutes after obtaining another synthtrand and what do ya know it dropped on my next kill.”

Taking this information, Reddit user I3igB has worked out that to reach the transmog cap on one character (each season limits the amount of items that can have their appearance changed) it will take 53 hours and 20 minutes of play time.

This means it will take six days and 16 hours of playtime for all three characters that a player can use to reach the transmog cap. “Even if you no life the game like me, you’re still gonna fall short.” I3igB said.

Players are able to accelerate this grind by using Destiny 2‘s in-game real money store to buy Synthweave. Taking this in to consideration, I3igB said: “There’s a compromise to be reached between what they’re trying to monetize and respecting our time investment. This isn’t it.”


Recently, Bungie accidentally activated cross platform play for Destiny 2. Cozmo, the lead community manager at Bungie, later confirmed that their team was aware of the feature. Bungie plans to take crossplay offline later this week with a fix, but in the meantime, Cozmo encouraged players to try it.