‘Destiny 2’ undergoes massive maintenance window later today

Don't count on playing any Destiny 2 this afternoon

Destiny 2 will undergo scheduled maintenance later today (September 23), with the period of downtime much longer compared to the usual fixes.

Maintenance will begin at 1PM BST/5AM PDT/8AM EDT with some services on Bungie.net, as well as related external sites, going down at this time. That expands into Destiny 2 itself going down at 1.30PM BST/5.30AM PDT/8.30AM EDT until 6PM BST/10AM PDT/1PM EDT.

However, Bungie has warned that there may be longer queues and some server issues until maintenance is fully complete at 7PM BST/11AM PDT/2PM EDT, meaning the entire afternoon and some of the evening is out of the question for any British or European Destiny players.


The extended downtime is to implement hotfix across both Destiny and Destiny 2 so players keen to get their fix from the original Destiny will also be affected. Bungie has not explained what the patch will address or fix.

Destiny 2 regularly receives updates and fixes, with the Telesto fusion rifle recently being removed from PvP after a mod combination granted infinite orbs of power. Just before this, Bungie removed the Radiant Dance Machines for causing similarly overpowered issues in PvP.

Before then, Destiny 2 finally received cross-play voice chat support across all platforms thanks to its 3.3.01. update. Although, none of these updates usually involve such a lengthy period of downtime.

The biggest update coming soon for the game will be The Witch Queen expansion pack. It will feature craftable weapons and a new difficulty level and is currently set for release on February 22, 2022.


In other gaming news, Blood Bowl 3‘s early access launch on PC has been delayed with developer, Cyanide Studio, working on a new launch date soon, while the Gensin Impact community has condemned an anniversary event for exploiting fans.