Developer of apparent ‘Wordle’ clone facing backlash

I'm thinking of a 4 letter word

A developer of an apparent Wordle clone is facing backlash after some have pointed out similarities between it and the hit free-to-play word game.

Searching the term Wordle on the App Store returns Wordle – The App, a game created by Shakd, LLC, owned by Zach Shakked.

Shakked says of the app that:
“I love Wordle so much I decided to make my own Wordle app but with a twist! There’s not just 5-letter words, but also 4, 6, and 7 letter words too!”


Zach has also claimed that the game achieves thousands of downloads per hour.

The game offers a free trial and a paid version, with the latter element being a significant point of contention with Wordle players on Twitter who’ve noticed the similarities.

The developer of the upcoming PlayDate handheld, @cabel, responded saying:

“That’s ironic because I’m now literally giddy to hopefully walk the creator of Wordle through the App Store takedown process.”


The reception around Twitter has been similarly negative.

Developer Andy Baio tweeted the following in response to Shakked’s apparent bragging.

Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, is yet to comment. It’s unclear whether Wardle would have any power in taking the game down, beyond pointing out the similar mechanics and, of course, the name. App Store clones of popular games are common, with hundreds of unlicensed Fortnite and PUBG clones littering the platform.

The New York Times discovered that Josh Wardle designed the game for his partner, naming it after his own surname. Wardle then introduced it to his family and later released it online, and now coloured blocks are appearing every day on Twitter.

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